Here’s the Real Deal in Cock Rings

And How to Achieve Mega Erections Without Resorting to Outrageous Ways

Erectile dysfunction is a real and serious threat to any man’s sex life, both to those who are young and active, and those who are past their youth and peak of sexual vigor. This explains the bounty of male enhancement options out there today, especially in the free market of the World Wide Web. When not seeking an OTC Viagra counterpart or cock rings for some mechanical fix, men explore solutions in between. More often than not, there’s only mounting frustration after each solution proves to be a non-solution, after all.

Self-applied male enhancement methods, for one, are growing in popularity each year, and the competition just gets fiercer. Can you imagine which ones of these truly work against the demons you’re trying so hard to fight inside the bedroom and involving your manhood?

Penis Exercises: Can You ‘Pump’ Your Way to Success?

Penile exercises are free, and all it takes is a good hand – literally. Jelqing is a popular penile exercise, and it’s a technique where you attempt to make the penis bigger through exercising penile tissues. Also called “jikok,” its main goal is to increase maximum penile size when erect and ready for some steamy action.

Beware, though, because there’s a caveat: while jelqing improves vascularity in your penile tissues, research turns the spotlight on the potential damage it can cause, among which are permanent penis discoloration and scarring.

On a related note, there’s a penis pump fitter over the penis with a manual or motorized suction pump. The blood drawn can engorge your package, but it’s been feared that excess pressure can incite vascular damage, not a fuller and more erect volcano that’s all set to erupt.

(Cock Ring Maven says: As far as cosmetic solutions go, you can trim the hairy territory around your genitalia to it bigger-looking, but you better act now to help it perform much better and madder!)

The Million Dollar Question: Do You Really Need That Boner Pill?

There’s a million (even billion) dollar industry behind that prescription drug or OTC herbal supplement that’s been harassing you with too many ads on the Web and on various media. And let us break it down for you: there’s hardly any realization to the promises of these drugs that rather misleadingly call themselves “male enhancement pills.”

For one, the side effects are real and well-documented, starting from minor headaches and nausea to medical emergencies like chest pains, sudden hearing loss, fainting, and seizures. Certain contaminants have also been found in these pills by studies, including E. coli, mold, yeast, and pesticide traces – not a smart way to power up your package for the next best lovemaking session!

Cock Rings for the Win – And Without Your Safety Taking a Hard Pounding

Your resident male enhancement experts have shunned all the “solutions” mentioned above and have studied mechanical techniques to get rid of erection woes and worries. A cock ring is worth much less than boner pills and expensive penile tools are, but you can’t simply just underestimate its power in assisting longer, more powerful erections all night long.

Worn both on the penis and the scrotum, a cock ring – specifically a horseshoe cock ring – is fitted to your penis accordingly and goes to work with minimal discomfort (if used with caution and while following directions) and with maximum results.

Let this site help you get intimate with the myhardware horseshoe cockring promise today – the potential for true, foolproof male enhancement is at its maximum!

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